The benefits of multilingual SEO at WOW Marketing:

  • Long-standing expertise in the international promotion
  • Simplicity – one contractor for a whole range of services
  • Effectiveness – one contractor for several countries
  • Thorough analysis and detailed SEO strategy development
  • Content promotion based on modern methods
  • High-quality optimization of a multilingual website
  • Transparent process of promotion and understandable results


What is multilingual SEO services

Multilingual website SEO is offering optimized content for various languages or various locations. Starting with research of search demand in target regions, ending with the enrichment of all site pages with optimized content. So if you are tending to expand your business to multiple countries, multilingual search engine optimization is exactly what you need.

Multilingual SEO marketing & strategy

WOW Marketing SEO team is focused on marketing, strategy and analytics of the users search behaviour. That includes content marketing and content promotion, linkbuilding, multi domain optimisation, consulting and training your staff to understand best practices of SEO.

Content SEO strategy

If your website has quality content, the user will become convinced that they have come to the right address. Interesting articles on properly selected internet resources will attract an already warmed up target audience to your site. In addition to the orders that you receive through multilingual content promotion, you will improve visitor behavioral factors that will raise your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic.

International SEO specialists

We have the necessary skills and tools and, most importantly, a well-coordinated team of English-speaking SEO experts and professional translators. Our unique and sophisticated system allows us to provide superior Russian-language and multilingual SEO for a more affordable price than the offerings of the rest of the market.

Project analytics

We obtain insights for promotion based on the analysis of the obtained data. The better the target indicators (KPIs) are thought out and configured, the more detailed the picture. We pay careful attention to the analytics. We see the whole picture, and can recognize when certain actions need to be taken, from optimizing the landing page to improving the project monetization model.

WeChat is a Chinese app that yields and impressive user base of more than 1 billion people. The app is owned by one of Asia’s largest companies, Tencent.

The primary purpose of WeChat is messaging, and in fact, that’s how the app got its start. In time, it came to offer everything from payments to mini programs like games, payment options, public services, movie tickets, and more.

That being said, it’s easy to understand why it’s one of the biggest apps in China — it truly does it all.

What is WeChat Advertising?

Advertising on WeChat is a booming trend: the platform has a long history of protecting users and forbidding entry from advertisers, but it is now slowly opening up. This is a huge opportunity for marketers trying to advertise in China.

What is WeChat Advertising?

WeChat Advertising is the Tencent program enabling companies to display promotional messages on users timeline or at the bottom of WeChat Official Account articles. WeChat ads enable brands to grow WeChat Official Account followers, drive traffic to website and generate App downloads.

There are 3 major types of WeChat advertising:

  • WeChat Moments Advertising
  • WeChat Banner Advertising
  • WeChat Key Opinion Leader Advertising

Why Choose WeChat Advertising?

First and foremost, you want to sell more of your products and services. After all, that’s the main goal of advertising. 

This means that a sub-goal of selling your products is probably to get your ads in front of as many people as humanly possible in order to build brand awareness and spark interest in your products. 

If these two goals sound familiar, WeChat is a great place to advertise your business. Studies show that more than half of the app’s users spend a minimum of 90 minutes on the app each and every day.

When it comes to placing product ads in the app, it’s highly likely that they’ll get a ton of eye traffic as well as increasing visits to your website.

However, there are a few restrictions when it comes to industries. Check out the restrictions that come with WeChat marketing.

WeChat Advertising Restrictions

The more you learn about WeChat marketing, the more you’ll learn about the restrictions they have in place when it comes to advertising. For example, some clothing and accessory brands are only allowed to advertise on the platform if they have a specific reputation. 

Another thing to be aware of is cultural values. The cultural values of the target demographic in China can be far different from American values, so it’s important to do your research while creating ads for WeChat. 

Let’s take a look at specific restrictions when it comes to WeChat advertisements.

Introducing WeChat Channels

Not wanting to be left behind by this new trend, WeChat has its own video-sharing feature called Channels. 

Users with a WeChat account will create a separate profile in Channels. A Channel linked to a brand’s official WeChat account can share videos up to 30 minutes in length. Followers get videos in a separate Channels feed, but these videos can also be shared on WeChat moments, group chats, or individual chats as well: videos can be re-shared if they like.

This is a powerful new tool to drive engagement within the country’s most popular digital ecosystem. Besides the large audience, revenue potential is huge. Advertising in Channels is still in beta testing. But paid advertising spend on social media apps in 2020 was RMB 200 billion. Predictions for 2022 is that this will reach RMB 300 billion.



Weibo monthly active users have grown to 462 million in December with 93% of the traffic coming from mobile users. Sina Weibo is the second most popular social media platform in China and called China’s Twitter. Although the rise of WeChat in recent years has put pressure on Weibo , it’s still experiencing impressive growth and keeps developing and offering powerful functions which is unique and irreplaceable among all the Chinese social media platforms.

Weibo Advertising Channels

Weibo search engine promotion

Weibo is the most significant social media in China who provides the Search Engine optimisation. 

For example, default search keyword in discover page which leads the user to click subconsciously. After the click, all the related contents are showed to the user including Brand poster, brand window, recommended account, recommended micro-blog.

The search page automatically displays top search events, and the third place is the advertising space. Top search promotion helps brands to appear in the list of real-time most hot news and provide a good channel between users and brands to fulfil the communication.

Search Promotion helps brands to target a specific audience based on keywords and ensures the presentation of brands reach the right people and improves effectiveness of their advertising. One keyword can only used by one customer, which ensures the exclusiveness of the promotion. What’s more, it could be the guidance of the hot public opinions and service for brand crisis pr and image maintenance and improvement.

Extra scene in Search is an interesting way of reaching the social circle that gathers around the power of fans. Full screen display in the mobile terminal, Extra scene could make the largest visual impact to users to attract their attention. Transparent animation floating on the top of the results page provide a new experience to realise the keywords related content land softly to users.

Starting Up Page Advertisement

Exposure advertisement is one of the most popular advertisement types in Weibo. The advantage of it is, it’s easy to get the attention of the user when they see the advertisement in the start-up Page of Weibo. And it is compulsory, which means that the ad reach rate is certain to be 100%. 

The daily active user of Weibo is impressive including 190 million users and every single round of Exposure advertisement could reach 20 million PV. There are 9 rounds of advertising plus 2 rounds of area advertising. 3 Forms of interaction and 4 types of materials are supported.

Information Flow Advertisement

Information flow advertisement is another very popular advertisement type in Weibo which is also called native advertising (Native ads). There are 2 types of information flow advertisement: “FenSiTong” and “Brand advertising”, separately focusing on increasing fans and branding. 

Generally, advertisements are interspersed in the content of micro-blog, which is not easy to be found by users. Moreover, according to the powerful positioning system of micro-blog, advertisements are recommended to users accurately, which are not easy
to cause users’ aversion.

For advertisers, this kind of advertising effect is better, is a new marketing model, in line with the user’s browsing habits, easy to obtain conversion rates. All the brands’ channels are given such as corporate accounts, event links, product information, interactive information.

What’s more, the full types of call-to-action buttons are provided, users could view the content while downloading the promoted apps and videos, purchasing the products, etc. Users are easily attracted by the content and participate in the interaction of champions.

Weibo Story - Video Ads Advertisement

Video ads are placed at the top of the Weibo following page, aggregated with the author’s profile as the entry, and displayed at the top of the feed. Very eye-catching, and easy for the user to click. The videos use portrait screen which is according with the user’s habit of browsing articles on the mobile. Video can reflect the characteristics of the product, arouse the interest of users, support to add chain jump.

The product advertising type selection is depending on the product characters, brands could choose different types to better realise their goals. Weibo has also developed many customised functions, for example, AR Camera functions which allow user to realise the combination of Visual Reality and provide more possibilities for brands who are designing the creative Weibo campaigns.

Our Baidu Ads and China PPC Solutions

Audit & Market Research

We benchmark your current
performance & see where to improve. 

Baidu Ads Management

Faster and better results from paid search, converting clicks to customers. 

Baidu PPC Account Opening

We take care of opening and managing your Baidu PPC account.

Campaigns Reporting

Get a monthly detailed report on your campaign performance. 

Paid Advertising

Unlock Native Ads and enlarge your sources
of traffic and leads.

Link Building

A careful selection of quality backlinks is made to optimize your SEO.

How do Instagram ads work?

Instagram ads are paid content that appears in newsfeeds and stories. Instagram ads are targeted towards people most likely to be interested in your products or services.

People see Instagram ads based on their demographic data, as well as their interests. These ads are meant to blend in seamlessly to the point where users barely recognize them as ads.

There are two indications of content being a paid advertisement. The first sign is the word “sponsored” written under the company’s name.

The second sign is the call-to-action (CTA) that appears at the bottom of the picture. These typically have phrases like “shop now” or “learn more” depending upon the campaign’s goal.

Lower your Instagram advertising costs with WOW Marketing

We’re a full-service digital marketing company with a team
 of  experts that will bring their knowledge of the Instagram algorithm and expertise to your campaign. When you partner with us, we’ll help you create a campaign that works for your business.


Instagram advertising costs depend on your bidding model, like cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impressions (CPM). On average, companies pay $0.20 to $2 per click and $6.70 per 1000 impressions for Instagram ads. Keep reading to learn more
about Instagram ad costs!

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

On average, Instagram advertising costs between $0.20 to $6.70, depending on the bidding model. For CPC or cost-per-click, advertisers pay $0.20 to $2 per click. For CPM, or cost-per-impressions, advertisers pay $6.70 per 1000 impressions.

Are Instagram’s advertising costs worth the price?

Yes. A few of the reasons why Instagram’s advertising costs are well worth the price include:

Instagram ads maintain higher click-through rates (CTRs)

While you can divide your ad spend between networks, Instagram tends to deliver the best performance when it comes to CTRs. A study by Fortune, for example, discovered that Instagram ads maintain a CTR that is 2.5 times greater than other social media networks.

Of course, your CTRs will depend on your target audience, as well as your ads.

Instagram ads offer advanced targeting options

Like Facebook, Instagram provides your business with advanced targeting options.

You can use these targeting options, from location to interests,
to achieve a higher return from your ads. Instead of targeting everyone interested in sports, for instance, you could narrow that interest to people interested in volleyball.

Instagram ads generate sales with higher order values

Another reason why Instagram advertising costs are worth the price tag?
The results.

In a recent study, Shopify discovered that the average order value for Instagram users is $65. Even though Facebook generates a significant amount of social media sales, its average order value is $55 — $10 less than Instagram.

Keep in mind, however, that Facebook ads tend to cost more than Instagram ads.

Instagram ads earn the highest engagement

Instagram leads when it comes to engagement rates, offering ten times
the engagement rates of Facebook.

When you have people that engaged with a network, it allows for your business to benefit from advertising. If you can create ads that target the right users, you can get them to click on your ad, like your page, or buy your product.

Instagram ads deliver high conversion rates

Besides generating higher order values, Instagram ads also maintain higher conversion rates than other networks. The average conversion rate for Instagram ads is 1.08%. In comparison, the average conversion rate for Pinterest ads is 0.54% and 0.77% for Twitter ads.

While the cost of Instagram ads is worth it, it’s important to remember that earning great results from Instagram requires a great ad campaign. You need to develop and optimize your strategy continuously to get the kind of results you want from Instagram ads.

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