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Here is how we work with you to get your project from point A to point B

Placing an order

You get in touch with us on our website or at Please describe your project and specify the languages into which your game is to be localizaed. If possible, include your text in the original language and describe the game itself, either by providing a link or sending a build.

Clarifying the details

Our manager will reach out to you and ask any questions for clarification. Together with the manager you will fill out a short brief. We calculate the cost of localization, and select the most suitable localization platform for you. We decide how to stay in touch - via Slack, Telegram, or another messenger.

Preparing for work

We select a convenient payment method and, if necessary, sign an agreement.
A personal manager will be assigned to your project, who will handle all your tasks and ensure on-time delivery and high quality. If you already have your own established localization process, the manager will discuss with you how we can integrate with it.


Texts are translated using the previously agreed-upon localization platform. If your project has a glossary — a dictionary with explanations, translations, and sample uses of various terms encountered in the text — we add it to the platform: the translators use it and build on it as new content is translated. If there is no glossary, but one is needed, we can create one.
When the translators finish their work, the manager sends you the translated texts.
If any adjustments are needed, we make them immediately.


We recommend testing the integration of the translated segments into your game's interface. This process is called Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA): native-speaking translators check the translation within the game itself. This is needed in order to verify that button texts are a suitable length, window texts are in their proper places, all characters are correctly displayed in the game's font, and the translation itself precisely matches the context of the in-game situations.

Translation of updates

If an update for your game is released, we localize the string resources for it as well. We employ a glossary and translation memory to ensure uniformity, and our pre-established communication channel streamlines the process. 

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Increase the sales of your game products with multilingual localization
to different markets.

Game content cannot  simply be translated literally into
a certain language, but must be adapted to the cultural specifics of the target locale.

In this regard, when it comes to successful video game localization, at WOW Localization we are  working every day towards delivering the appropriate linguistic message which caters to your need to culturally adapt your product and fully immerse your users into its gameplay.


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